Remembrance of corpses in Zoroastrian crypt

The Zoroastrian crypt of Yazd or silence tower is a place where the Zoroastrians placed the bodies of the dead in these places based on the belief that the corpses were impure so that the flesh of these dead bodies could be eaten by predators and birds. According to Zoroastrians, burying a human corpus contaminated the sacred element of the soil.

In Zoroastrianism, mourning for the dead is forbidden. In ancient times, there was no building as a crypt, and corpus were placed only in remote places to be destroyed. The use of the term refers to a time when the Aryan tribes burned the corpus of the dead and the burial sites were called Crypt.

 With the advent of Zoroastrianism, the custom of burning the body became obsolete; But the crypt remained in place and was used to mean the location of the deceased or the burial place of the case.

The architecture of the caves

The Zoroastrian crypt of Yazd or silence tower is a circular area that is located 100 meters above the mountain and is far from the city. The walls around the Zoroastrian crypt of Yazd or silence tower were made of stone and cement, and a small iron door was installed for entry and exit. The crypts had special sections, each with a specific function. The various sections of the crypt included the crypt road, in stone or iron court, the crypt inscription, the male-female ring, the female-female ring, the child-ring of the child, and the master or coffin. Zoroastrian crypt of Yazd or silence tower were built so that carnivorous animals and birds could access the corpus with the passage of time and changes in the religion of Zoroaster, the function of the Crypt became more complicated, and from then on, the corpses of the dead were removed by light. The tombs were cylindrical towers made of stone so that they would not be made of soil.

 Most of them probably did not even have a door and went inside them with a ladder. Natural stone was found and the dead were tied to it, then vultures and carnivores ate and cleaned the dead body except for the bones. In the middle of this tower, there was a hole in which the surviving bones of ordinary people were thrown and the bones of the great and powerful were kept in “Ostudan” or “Asadaneh”.

Zoroastrian crypt of Yazd or silence tower road

Because the crypt was so far from where people lived, they had to use the road to reach it. Part of this road was used by the public to bring corpus for delivery; But from the bottom of the Zoroastrian crypt of Yazd or silence tower to the door, only the crypt officials were allowed to cross. Today, the road that has been used for transportation is a staircase so that people can easily go to the caves.

Inside the crypt

The inner surface of the tower consists of a flat, round space covered by large boulders. This section hypothetically consists of three circular strips, which are:

The male part or the male corpus ring in the end circle strip, which is larger than the other circles and attached to the wall around the crypt.

The female section or the female dead ring is in the middle circle bar after the male section.

The children’s section or the children’s dead circle in the inner circle bar, which is the closest part to the center of the Zoroastrian crypt of Yazd or silence tower.

A hole in the middle of a rocky ground

The inner surface of the Zoroastrian crypt of Yazd or silence tower has a slope from the wall to the center and in the middle of the crypt reaches a deep well with a moving rock called “ervis” at the bottom. This deep well was connected to the four deeper wells around the crypt, and one meter deep all the wells were filled with sand. The middle well of the crypt was covered with stone and cement so that germs and contamination would not spread outside when the bones were present and before the well was cleaned. The name of this tea means bone place.

The ritual of building a tomb

The construction of the Zoroastrian crypt of Yazd or silence tower also had a special ritual that had to be observed. Among these ceremonies, we can mention the tradition of hitting 4 large nails, 36 medium nails and 260 small nails on the ground. The builders wrapped a special cotton string around the nails and recited some special Zoroastrian prayers. After this stage, they had to sit in the middle of the crypt and read a certain zikr 300 times, with each zikr a small stone was thrown into the crypt until the number of stones reached 300. After performing these rituals, the crypt was built in this place.

last word

The cemetery of good and bad people. The cemetery that invited people away from memories. It was a place to transfer from this mortal world to the next world. This place, which has a special etiquette, is related to Zoroastrian religion, who believed that man is born from nature and returns to nature.

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