Vank cathedral is the most beautiful church in Isfahan

Vank Cathedral: Savior Cathedral or Church of Saintly Sisters, is known as Vank Church. This church is also known as “Amenaperkich” in the world. This church is an Armenian church located in the Jolfa street in the center of Isfahan. The name “Vanak” is derived from the Armenian word “monastery”. Due to its outstanding interior, Vank Cathedral is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Isfahan.

Vank Cathedral was built during the rule of Shah Abbas. Vank Church dates back to 1606 AD.

Vank Cathedral is built on an area of 8700 square meters. In the architecture of most churches, stone was used to build the building, but in Vank Church, brick was used instead of stone facade. Among the brick facade, tiles with the image of winged angels can be seen. In the main entrance, there is a large wooden door that has given a special glory to the church.

There is a three-story tower at the entrance to Vank Church. The church bell is located in this tower. On the second floor, there is a large clock tower that weighs 300 kg. This watch was donated by Mardiros Gork Hordanian in 1931. The clocks of the tower sound at the same time as the ringing of the bells.

The bell tower, also known today as the Clock Tower, was built 38 years after the main church building. Below the bell tower are two tombs belonging to an Armenian soldier and a bishop.

To the right of the bell tower is a blue inscription covered with cross stones.

These stones, which are called Khach Klim in Armenian, have been brought to Vank Church from other Jolfa churches.

Vank Cathedral has two domes. They built a small dome above the hall where the people gathered and a large dome above the church altar.

The architectural style of the Great Dome is quite similar to the architecture of the dome of mosques. This is while the dome of the churches is basically conical. According to the year of construction of this church (Safavid period), the architectural style of the dome is modeled on the architecture of mosques at that time.

The roof and walls of the church are covered with beautiful paintings. These paintings attract the attention of every visitor.

The paintings on the dome of Vank Church are some of its interesting attractions. Interesting paintings of the dome include the following: Images of the creation of Adam and Eve, the story of Adam eating the forbidden fruit, and the story of Abel and Cain

The paintings of the main building are one of the most beautiful architectural parts of this church. The interior walls of the church hall are plastered. These walls are covered with magnificent paintings.

The architecture of the Vank cathedral is known and prominent in the world for its gilding and painting.

Vank church paintings are generally divided into two categories:

Paintings on canvas and cloth that have been used in the altar and other places

Painted murals and pieces of stone

One of the best-known paintings of Vank church depicts seven floors of Sky and heaven and hell. This is one of the most interesting works painted in this church.

Among the most interesting parts of Vank church are the statues installed on the church grounds. These statues represent Armenian celebrities who attract the attention of every visitor.

Sections of Vank church:

Vank church has been completed over time. Many parts have been added to the church over the years. The church has sections such as the museum, library, Bell House, clock tower and Printing press.


Many tourists visit the Vank church museum every year. This museum is of great importance in Iran and the world.

The most famous work in this museum belongs to an 18-year-old girl. On this hairpin, a sentence of the Torah is written with diamonds. Wahram hakoupian is an Armenian artist who created this art work in 1974. In 1975, the hair was donated to the Vanek Museum.


The church library is located next to the museum. Deir Amna perkic library is one of the most important cultural sites for Armenians in Isfahan. Some of the historical documents and books stored in this library date back more than 400 years. These documents and books are kept in the archive section and there is no access to these documents for the public.

printing press

Iran’s first printing press was established in Vank church. The first printed book in Iran was also published in this church. But there was a lot of opposition to the activity of the Vank church printing press. These objections eventually led to the burning and destruction of the printing press. Currently, the Vank church printing machine and samples of printed books are kept in the Vank Museum.

This church is one of the places in Isfahan that no tourist should miss. Visiting the museum, printing house and library are also places that you will enjoy visiting. Visiting this church and seeing its beautiful paintings attracts the attention of visitors.

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