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Iran UNESCO Heritage tour: UNESCO heritage Sites are a collection of cultural or natural sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, such as forests, mountains, ponds, deserts, tombs, buildings, complexes, or cities, all of which are listed by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. Years have been selected.

The sites on this list are considered by the Convention for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage to belong to all the peoples of the earth, regardless of race, religion, or nationality, and governments are obliged to preserve and preserve these works.

In the following, you will experience one of the best and most special tours of your life; A tour in which all the places registered in Iran UNESCO Heritage and accompany you with culture, civilization, history, etc. to be more with this land and the world.

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Day by Day

In the following, you will experience one of the best and most special tours of your life; A tour in which all the places registered in Iran UNESCO Heritage and accompany you with culture, civilization, history, etc. to be more with this land and the world.


Day 1 - Arrival to Iran and start tour

Arrival Iran – Tehran and transfer to hotel, After short rest start a tour and visit Tehran: Golestan Palace UNESCO heritage, National Museum and Jewelry Museum.

Overnight in Tehran


DAY 2 - Visit Tehran and fly to Ahwaz

After breakfast, checkout the hotel start tour to visit Abgineh Museum and Azadi tower and then transfer to Mehr-Abad airport for fly to Ahwaz. Arrival to Ahwaz, check in hotel around evening and after that visit Karun River and White bridge.

Overnight in Ahwaz


DAY 3 - Excursion Susa

Excursion to Susa UNESCO heritage and visit Tchogha Zanbil ziggurat UNESCO heritage, the tomb of Danial Nabi.

Overnight in Ahwaz


DAY 4- Excursion Shushtar

Excursion to Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System UNESCO heritage and Salasel castle. Back to Ahwaz and visit the night of Ahwaz around the river.

Overnight in Ahwaz


DAY 5 - Drive to Shiraz

Check out the hotel early in the morning, around 7 and drive to Shiraz and visit 2 of the Sassanid landscape UNESCO heritage, Shapour cave and Tang-e-chogan reliefs.

Overnight in Shiraz


DAY 6 - Visit Shiraz

After breakfast start tour and visit shiraz, Eram Garden UNESCO heritage one of the Persian gardens of Iran, Zand complex (Karimkhan castle, vakil bath and vakil bazaar) and at the end of day visit Hafiz tomb.

Overnight in shiraz.


DAY 7 - Excursion Persepolis, Necropolis and pasargad

Excursion Persepolis, Necropolis and Pasargad the most important and famous UNESCO heritage.

Overnight in Shiraz


DAY 8 - Drive to Bam castle

Check out the hotel at 8 and drive to Bam. Arrival around evening.

Overnight in Bam


DAY 9 - Drive To Zabol

This day visit Bam and its cultural landscape, the other UNESCO heritage. Drive to Zabol via Zahedan and arrival at night.

Overnight in Zabol


DAY 10 - Visit Shahre Sukhteh (burn city)Drive to Kerman

After breakfast check out the hotel and visit Shahr-Sukhte and drive to Kerman via Lut desert the one of the Nature UNESCO heritages and Kaluts of Shahdad.

Overnight in Kerman


DAY 11 - Visit Kerman

This day visit Kerman: Ganj Ali Khan complex, vakil bath, Kerman Jame Mosque, Moshtaqiye Tomb and Harandi house museum.

Overnight in Kerman


DAY 12 - Drive to YazdVia Meymand

Driver to Yazd via Meymand the UNESCO heritage.

Overnight in Yazd


DAY 13 - Visit Yazd

Visit Yazd city, the newest iran UNESCO heritage, Fahadan and alexander Prison, Jame Mosque and Dolat Abad Garden the other Persian garden and night walk in Yazd city

Overnight in Yazd


DAY 14 - Drive to Isfahanvia Nain

Drive to Isfahan via Nain and visit one of the Persian Ghanats in Zarch village and also The Jame Mosque of Nain, one of the best and beautiful Jame Mosque in World. Arrival Isfahan around evening and visit Khajoo bridge and se-o-se pol (bridge).

Overnight in Isfahan


DAY 15 - Visit Isfahan

After the breakfast start tour and visit Naghshe Jahan square UNESCO heritage (Imam and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Ali-Qapou Palace and Qeysariye gate), Chehel sotoon garden and palace the other Persian garden in UNESCO heritage and Jame Mosque the UNESCO heritage.

Overnight in Isfahan


DAY 16 - Drive to Kermanshah &visit Persian Ghanats

Check out at 8 A.M. and drive to Kermanshah via Ebrahim Abad Village of Arak to visit Persian ghanta UNESCO heritage.

Overnight in Kermanshah


DAY 17 - Drive to Uramanat &visit Bistoon

After break fast check out the hotel and visit Bistoon UNESCO heritage and Drive to Uraman.

Overnight in Uraman Takht


DAY 18 - Drive to Takhte-Soleiman

Early check out and drive to Takhte-Soleiman UNESCO heritage.

Overnight in Takab


DAY 19- Drive to Tarbriz

After breakfast drive to Tabriz, arrival to Tabriz around noon and after a short rest visit Tabriz, Bazaar of Tabriz UNESCO heritage, Elguli park.

Overnight in Tabriz


DAY 20- Excursion Julfa

Excursion to Julfa and visit ST. Stepanos one of the Armenian Monastic Ensembles UNESCO heritages, back to town and visits Laleh Park mall.

Overnight in Tabriz


DAY 21- Drive to Ardabil &Sightseeing

Check out hotel and drive to Ardabil, arrival around noon and after lunch visit Ardabil Sheikh Safi al-din Khanegah and Shrine UNESCO heritage, Jame Mosque and Alighapou mosque.

Overnight in Ardabil


DAY 22- Excursion to Sarien

Excursion to Sarien and have a special resting time into mineral and warm water pools.

Overnight in Ardabil


DAY 23- Drive to Zanjan &Visit Attractions

After breakfast drive to Zanjan and visit this city; visit Salt men museum, rakhtshouy khane and Traditional bazaar of Zanjan.

Overnight in Zanjan


DAY 24 - Drive to Tehran

Drive to Tehran and visit Soltanieh dome UNESCO heritage in rout.

So far, we have visited all the UNESCO heritage of Iran except Qaboos Dome and Hyrcanian forests. You can finish tour and transfer to IKA and departure Iran, or continue Tour for 3 day more.


DAY 25- Fly to Gurgan

After breakfast transfer to Mehrabad airport and fly to Gurgan, visit Naharkhoran forest and street, the 2nd Natural UNESCO heritage and also Gorgan Museum.

Overnight in Gorgan


DAY 26- Visit Gonbade Kavus UNESCO heritage

Excursion to Gonbad Kavus UNESCO heritage, via Agh-Ghala village.

Overnight n Gorgan


DAY 27- Departure Iran

Fly back to Tehran and transfer to IKA and Departure Iran.



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