The beauty of Tabriz Blue Mosque

Tabriz Blue Mosque: One of the most famous attractions of Tabriz is the Blue(kaboud) Mosque. This unique mosque is one of the 4 blue mosques in the world.

This wonderful mosque was built in the 9th century AH during the Qaraqoyunlu period by order of Jahan Shah.

This mosque is also known by other names such as Mozaffariyeh mansion and Jahanshah mosque.

During the tragic events that took place for the mosque, the mosque was severely destroyed and damaged, but parts of the mosque are still standing.

An earthquake occurred in 1780 AD as a result of which the domes of the mosque collapsed.

The Mozaffariyeh complex (Blue Mosque) before the damage and destruction included a school, khanghah (place of residence, education and gathering of Sufis), mosque and library. Only a small part of the mosque remains from this complex.

The blue mosque, full of colors and patterns, is also known as the turquoise of Islam due to its special color.

Architecture of Tabriz blue mosque

Most of the mosque is made of brick, although some of the rare stones have been used.

Tabriz Blue Mosque is built in the style of Iranian and Islamic architecture. Most of this mosque is made of brick and decorated with beautiful tiles. In the decoration of the mosque, Moaragh tiles (wood inlaid working), inscriptions with the Thuluth and Arabesque motifs and marble slabs have been used.

Azure and turquoise tiles with a combination of white and black tiles have created a special color contrast.

These attractive tiles have given a special effect to the atmosphere of Tabriz Blue Mosque.

The mosque consists of two domes in the southern part. The large dome belongs to the mosque and the small dome to the Jahanshah family tomb.

A special feature of the mosque is the Sassanid architecture, which is the result of dividing the weight of the dome by building several columns. No wooden skeletons or structures were built under the dome. Therefore, most of the domes were damaged during the earthquake. After that, no one was able to rebuild those domes.

The interesting and recurring architecture of the mosque is parallel columns and square Sahn(courtyard in Islamic architecture).

Around the largest Shabestan of the mosque, there are continuous porticos connected by vault.

Other attractions of Tabriz Blue Mosque include its abortion of gold and azure. This roof has given a beautiful effect to the mosque.

In the past, before the demolition of the building, there were mosques, schools, baths, khanghah and libraries in the large courtyard.

The tiles of the Mihrab (a niche in the wall of a mosque that indicates the qibla) of the mosque, although destroyed today, are very significant. The Mihrab is tiled with beautiful tiles and an inscription with verses from the Quran.

In most parts of the mosque, calligraphy of the Thuluth and Nasta’liq can be seen.

Although many of the tiles at the entrance to the mosque have been destroyed over time, it is still considered the entrance of the identity card of this place. It can be seen on the remaining inscription on the name of Mozaffariyeh mansion.

There are inscriptions around the mosque on which the verses of the Qur’an and the story of the victories of the Qaraquyunlus are written.

This writing of the expeditions on the mosque and the construction of such a magnificent building shows the power and authority of the Jahanshah.

The inscription was covered in gold but was stolen during the earthquake and the destruction of the building.

In the Sardab (a house that is built underground to shelter in the heat and keep water and food there to stay cool) there are two tombs that are said to be the burial place of Jahanshah and his wife, but unfortunately, they are empty today.

After the catastrophic earthquake, this mosque was severely destroyed and most of its beautiful buildings were destroyed and there is no sign of them anymore. After many destructions, a great effort was made to rebuild this place by the most prominent Iranian architects. But Tabriz Abi Mosque never returned to its former glory and beauty.

Tabriz Blue Mosque is so attractive that even after many damages, it still attracts the attention of visitors.

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