Iran Visa

Type of Iran Visa

Iran visa: Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has divided Iran's visas into the following types based on the purpose of the trip and other requirements of the applicant:

Entry visa (type A):

entry Iran visa is issued to nationals who have a valid invitation from the ministries, organizations, institutions and public and private companies who are going to Iran for the purpose of negotiations, contracts, negotiations for investment, etc.

Applicants are:

Faculty members, cultural and researchers

Drivers carrying goods or passengers

Members of official, political, economic, artistic boards, sports teams, and international and specialized organizations

Experts and well-known businessmen

United Nations staff and affiliated organizations

Tourist Iran visa (Type B):

Tourist Iran visa is issued to foreign tourists who enter the country to visit Iran's tourist attractions.

Pilgrimage Iran visa (type C):

This visa is issued to Muslim nationals who enter Iran for pilgrimage from religious places.

Political Iran visa (type D) and service (type S):

Applicants are:

  Temporary agents of political missions, consulates, and offices of international organizations residing in Iran, temporary guests of agents, including resident foreign diplomats and permanent agents, holders of political passports and service in the form of holding meetings, internships, implementing cultural and educational programs, etc.

Holders of political and service passports who intend to travel to Iran for tourism or pilgrimage.

Study Iran visa (type E):

This visa is issued to foreign students who intend to study in Iranian universities. These nationals must receive academic admission from the Ministry of Science, Education or approved scientific centers.


Visa with the right to work (Type F):

work Iran visa is issued to foreigners who intend to work in Iran and have a work permit from an employer working in Iran that has been approved by the Ministry of Labor.

Transit Iran visa (type G):

This visa is issued to foreign drivers who intend to travel to a third country through Iran.

Press visa (type H):

This visa is issued to foreign media members who enter Iran for professional purposes and have a license from the Public Diplomacy and Media Center. Possible applicants include:




Investment visa (Type I):

This visa is issued to foreigners who intend to invest in Iran. Applicants for this visa must receive the necessary approval from Iran's Investment and Economic and Technical Assistance Organization.

Family Iran visas (type M):

This visa is issued to provide more facilities to foreign spouses and children who intend to travel to Iran. The petitioners are:

Spouses and children of people who have Iranian citizenship

Medical Iran visa (type T):

This visa is issued to foreign nationals who have been admitted to one of Iran's prestigious medical centers for treatment.

People who intend to travel to Iran for the purpose of tourism must apply for a tourist visa to the authorities.

 The Iranian tourist visa is valid for entering the country for 3 months from the moment of issuance, and after that, the applicant must apply for the visa again.

Iran tourist visa expires in 30 days and after this period you can apply for Iran tourist visa again and extend your visa up to 60 days.

The agency receives the documents from the visa applicant and after checking and solving possible problems, requests a visa and finally receives a tracking code.

Depending on the nationality of the traveler, the visa embassy fee is around (30 to 150 euros).

 The agencies are only visa agents and the main authority for issuing visas is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran.

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