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Desert Tour

Deserts of Iran are considered as one of the most unique tourist spots in our country. Traveling to the best deserts of Iran is one of the best tourism experiences for those interested.

Iran is known as the land of four seasons due to its special geographical position. In some months of the year, a temperature range of minus 20 degrees to plus 20 degrees can be recorded throughout Iran. This variety of weather has made our country a tourist destination in all days of the year.

Iran's deserts are popular destinations among domestic and foreign tourists. The best time to travel to the deserts of Iran is the second half of the year in autumn and winter. A large part of the country's area is covered by the deserts of Dasht Kavir and Kavir Lut in the center and southeast of the country. The best deserts of Iran are located in the heart of these great deserts.

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Day by Day

In the following, you will experience one of the best and most special tours of your life; A tour in Deep Desert and under the night sky. this tour will done in Lut desert of Iran, one of the best and special desert in Iran and worlds with many awesome place to visit. you can read more detail of the tour in below and if you have more question you can contact to Oak team, and our colleagues answer you ASAP.


Day 1 - Arrival to Iran and start tour

Arrival Tehran and transfer to hotel. Start tour and visit Tehran attractions such as:

Iran national museum, Abgine Museum (Glassware and Ceramic Museum) and Jewelry and treasure Museum, Reza Abbasi Museum and Carpet Museum. at the end of day visit Tabeiat bridge and Milad tower.

Overnight In Tehran


DAY 2 - fLY TO Kemrman &Start deep desert tour

Early check out to transfer Mehrabad Airport to flight Kerman around 08:00 A.M. arrival Kerman. The Deep Desert tour is run at Lut desert, this tour is only desert tour that do in 10 days and you visit the extraordinary, supernatural and special places in Desert of Iran or in world.

Start tour and drive to Shahdad's kluts and camping in Kaluts.

Overnight camping


DAY 3 -Visit of Kaluts

Start the Iran Deep Desert tour and 15 to 20 Km walk in between Kaluts to arrive the night camp for stay.

Kaluts are a work created from the play of nature with soil and the play of time with stone, and they have their own special and unique forms. These phenomena are mostly seen in dry areas.
The age of Iran's kaluts dates back to 20,000 years ago.

Overnight in desert


DAY 4- Gandom Beriyan,the warmest area of world

Morning walk around Kaluts and after that drive to Gandom beriyan and visit Shour River, Zaban e mar desert and Gandom beriyan Hill.

Gandom beriyan is a supernatural place in desert, you can see in your life.

Gandom beriyan on the west of the Lut, there are hills covered with stones and black volcanic lava, which has an area of ​​480 square kilometers. This area is devoid of life in the summer season, the air temperature is more than 71 degrees Celsius, and no living thing survives. The black covering of the area causes the air temperature to rise sharply. Being at a low altitude (400 meters above sea level) has also been declared as one of the reasons for the extreme heat in this area.

Overnight Camping in desert / Gandom Beriyan


DAY 5 - Drive to Bam

This day, to rest and freshen up, we will move to the Bam city to prepare the second part of the tour to visit the beauties of the desert. Visit Bam and its Cultural Landscape one of the 26th Iran UNESCO world heritage.

Overnight in Bam


DAY 6 - Start part 2,Drive to Darestan & Ab-Yalan

Start the second part of tour and drive to Darestan, and Ab Yalan. Ab Yalan, where you can reach water in desert by digging 550 m. You can see a great view of Lut in AbYalan

Overnight in desert / Camping


DAY 7 - Visit Rig Yalan

Visit Rig-e Yalan, the highest sand dunes in the world with a relative height of more than 475 meters are located in Rig Yalan. Earth's thermal pole with more than 70 degrees Celsius is located in the southwest of Rig Yalan.

Overnight in desert / Camping


DAY 8 - Walk to Keshit village

Move to Keshit village and visit Keshit area and also the south Kaluts.

Overnight in Keshit


DAY 9 - Last day in Desert,Drive to Kerman

The last day of desert, visit waterfall and the oldest nation that find in Keshit; And around afternoon drive to Kerman.

Overnight in Kerman


DAY 10 - Free time in Kerman,Flight to Tehran

Rest and free time in Kerman, transfer to Airport and flight to Tehran.

(If you want to continue the tour to visit other historical and touristic buildings, you can contact us at the Oak Travel team, so that we prepare a special program for you).


DAY 11 - Departure

Departure Iran



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