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Ancient hills

Iran Ancient Hills or a historical hill is a point that remains from the complete or partial destruction of a city, castle, ziggurat or any other huge building in the past.
Archaeological excavations in Iran have always been associated with the evidence of the antiquity and longevity of civilization and urbanization in our country. It is not yet clear that the civilization in the Iranian plateau reaches several millennia before Christ. Although new findings sometimes increase this time to 9 to 10 thousand years.
Many Iran ancient hills have been found in Iran, which are several thousand years old and are called Iran ancient hills. These hills are relatively high elevations that were the residences of the early inhabitants of the Iranian plateau in ancient times. These hills are very important in terms of history and knowledge of the past.
Iran Ancient hills refer to the places that were once the residences of the people who lived in this area, and with the passage of time, these places have been destroyed and turned into a heap of dirt, and have created hills that in this period are called It is called Iran ancient hills.
There are various cities in Iran where you can see a large number of these ancient hills due to a long and distant past.

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Day by Day

In the following, you will experience one of the best and most special tours of your life; A tour in which all the places registered in Iran UNESCO Heritage and accompany you with culture, civilization, history, etc. to be more with this land and the world.


Day 1 - Arrival to Tehran. Transfer to hotel

After a short rest start tour and visit: Golestan Palace, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The beautiful architecture of the palace is an attractive place for photography. There are different halls and several museums inside the palace.

National Museum of Iran, the largest, most important and oldest museum in the country.

Carpet Museum of Iran contains the most valuable examples of Iranian carpets from the ninth century AH to the contemporary period.

Overnight in Tehran


DAY 2 - Drive to Kashan, city of historical houses

drive to Kashan and visit Agha Bozorg Mosque, a Magnificent Mosque of the Qajar period

Borujerdiha Historical House, symbol of Iranian introverted architecture and is considered one of the oldest known civilizations in the world. This hill is the ruins of the ancient ziggurat of Iran.

Fin bathroom and Garden a place registered in UNESCO and the place of assassination of Amir Kabir, the Prime Minister of Iran.

Overnight in Kashan


DAY 3 - Drive to IsfahanVia Abyaneh

Drive to Isfahan and visit the red Village and Photography of Abyaneh

 and in evening visit  Si O Se Pol and Khajou bridge, The most famous bridges in Iran that have a beautiful effect in isfahan.

Overnight in Isfahan


DAY 4- Visit Isfahan

start tour at 08 A.M. and visit

Naghsh e Jahan Square that is a Tourist area and One of the first Iranian monuments registered in UNESCO.

 Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, a strange architecture mosque

Qeysarie Gate,Caesarea Bazaar (Mesgar ha bazaa (that is a Traditional and historical market with different sections.

Chehel sotoon Palace, A palace with unique architecture and many columns

Overnight in Isfahan.


DAY 5 - Drive to Khorramabad

Drive to Khorramabad, a historical city from the Elamian period via Gariran Aleshtar, an ancient hill contains relics related to different civilizations from before Christ to the Islamic era.

Overnight in Khorramabad.


DAY 6 - Visit Khorramabad,Drive to Shush

Visit Shapur Khast (Falakol aflak) Castle that is a historical castle belonging to the Sassanid period to the Qajar period and shapouri bridge,one of the Iran's masterpieces stone bridges.

Drive to Chogha Mish, dezful, an ancient hill belonging to about 34 centuries BC, which is the first place in Iran where calligraphy and books were discovered.

Drive to shush, it was the capital of several thousand years of Elam government and the winter capital of the Achaemenid Empire.

Overnight in shush


DAY 7 - Visit Tomb of Daniel, and ShushDrive to Ize

Visit Tomb of Daniel, a magnificent tomb of Daniel, the prophet and Hafttapeh, a historical site of hills and ChoghaZanbil Ziggurat, belonging to 1250 BC built in Elam civilization.

Visit Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System, an interconnected series of 13 historical monuments including bridges, dams, mills, waterfalls and huge water tunnels.

Drive to Izeh.

Overnight in Izeh


DAY 8 - Drive to Shiraz

Early in the morning Visit choga dam dam, an ancient hill from the Parthian period then drive to shiraz, City of poetry and history with a pleasant nature.

Overnight in shiraz.


DAY 9 - Visit Shiraz

Start Shiraz tour and visit Eram Garden, a Botanical Garden that includes several beautiful historical monuments.

visit Zand complex include:

 Historical Bath that is a historic bath with Ethnological Museum and Vakil Mosque, a beautiful mosque with special decorations Karimkhan Castel, a historical castle with a museum and Vakil Bazaar, one of the most beautiful traditional markets that includes different parts such as Sarai Moshir, Sarai Fil and shops with traditional products.

Overnight in shiraz.


DAY 10 - P.N.P Excursion

excursion Perspolis, Necropolis to Visit the splendor of the remnants of the Achaemenid dynasty.

visit Tomb of Hafez, Tomb of an Iranian poet in a green area with a historical cemetery.

Overnight in shiraz.


DAY 11 - Drive to YazdVia Abarkuh

Drive to Yazd, the first raw clay city in the world and the first historical city of Iran registered in UNESCO and also known as City of Windcatchers via Visit silence tower, Graves belonging to the Zoroastrian period.

Overnight in Yazd.


DAY 12 - Visit Yazd

Visit Historical context of Yazd include:

Lariha House Museum, A beautiful and historic house and Fahaadaan, The oldest neighborhood of the city and Yazd Water Museum (kolahdoozha home)

 Jameh Mosque with 1000 years old and Dowlat Abad Garden that is registered in UNESCO and has the tallest windbreaker in the world.

 Amir Chakhmaq Complex, a place consists of different parts such as bazaar, mosque and This place consists of different parts such as bazaar, mosque and Ab Anbar. It has a very beautiful view at night.

Overnight in Yazd.


DAY 13 - Drive to Damghan

Drive to Damghan. And Overnight in Damghan.


DAY 14 - Visit Tepe Hissar& drive to Qazvin

Visit Tepe Hissar, A 7,000-year-old hill is a symbol of Iran's ancient civilization.

Drive to Qazvin and Overnight in Qazvin.


DAY 15 - Visit Qazvin

Vist Chehel Sotun Palace, the only remaining building from the royal palace complex of Shah Tahmasab period and Shazdeh Hossein, A historical building with very beautiful mirror and tile decorations and Ancient Jameh Mosque of Qazvin,One of the largest and oldest mosques in Iran, the first building of which was built on Fire temples from the Sassanid era and Qazvin Grand Bazaar, a traditional market with attractive architecture from the Safavid and Qajar periods.

Overnight in Qazvin


DAY 16 - Visit Alamutdrive to Rasht

visit aminiha mosque and Cantor Cherch (Russian cherch) one of the smallest cherch in world, after visiting drive to Rasht.

Overnight in Rasht.


DAY 17 - Visit Marlik hill

Visit Marlik hill, The remains of the ancient civilization belong to at least three thousand years BC.

Drive to Tehran.


DAY 18 - Departure Iran

this day is last day of tour and you transfer to Tehran - IKA airport and departure Iran.



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