Bahram Fire Temple in Yazd

Bahram fire temple: In Yazd province, there are several famous Zoroastrian fire temples. The Bahram Fire Temple in Yazd, or the Fire Temple in Yazd, is one of the most valuable fire temples in Iran, where the sacred fire is kept. This mansion is one of the sacred buildings of Zoroastrians that dates back to the first Pahlavi era. Entering this place, which is considered as a Zoroastrian shrine, and as there is a hierarchy for worship, has always been associated with special rituals and rituals for worshipers of the Zoroastrian religion, because in the Zoroastrian religion, men and women must enter Use white hats and scarves, as well as light-colored clothing, respectively. Wearing shoes that have not been allowed to enter holy places in Iranian culture for a long time.

The Bahram Fire Temple in Yazd dates back to the Pahlavi era and its construction dates back to 80 years ago, but the fire that burns inside it has been lit for more than 1,500 years. This fire is from the fire of the fire temple of Karian in Larestan, which was brought to Aqda in Yazd and kept there for nearly 700 years; Then he was transferred from Aqda to Ardakan in 522 and it was clear in Ardakan of Yazd for nearly 300 years until he moved from Ardakan to Yazd in 852. The fire continued to move in Yazd. In 1313 AH, after the construction of Bahram fire temple, it was taken inside.

Fire story

In the distant past, there was no match or other means to light a fire, so in one place, a fire was always lit so that people could take a flower from the fire daily and light their stoves. This place was called the fire temple.

The children of the family were responsible for bringing fire from the fire temple, so a family that did not have children had its stove turned off, which is the origin of the Iranian proverb “a person whose stove is off”. For this reason, one of the sweet wishes for every family was this sentence: “Let the stove be green”.

Fire temple architecture

Examining the buildings that were used as fire temples, we find that the fire temple building was simple and unadorned. The design of this place is based on the hierarchy and spatial zoning of the Persian fire temples of India, but the architecture of this building, like other buildings built in the desert areas of Iran, has the same architectural patterns of Iran. This building is located in the center of the yard. Its height reaches 21 meters above the ground and to enter that place, you have to go through 8 steps.

The Bahram Fire Temple was built in November 1313 with the capital of a Persian Zoroastrian named “Hamabaei” on a plot of land dedicated by several Iranian Zoroastrians in memory of their father’s death. The painting of Faroohar and the stone capitals have created a special beauty for the building of the Temple of Mars. Also, these capitals and flower stones at the bottom of the wall of Iranian art show the traces of decorations.

There is a large circular pool at the beginning of the entrance to the Bahram fire temple. The Zoroastrians placed the sacred fire in a room built by the architects in the center of the building. This will keep the fire away from sunlight. Around it, there are rooms for Zoroastrians to perform the ritual of prayer and supplication.

Fire Temple of Yazd

The history of this fire is stated in the book of Zoroaster: “After the establishment of the Ilkhanate rule in Iran, some Zoroastrians and priests from all over Iran, who were displaced after the initial Mongol invasions, moved to a small village in the northwest corner of Yazd called” Turkabad “. That an old fire temple of Anahid, still there, safe and sound from the events of the time, they migrated and placed their “Fire of Bahram” in a humble, brick house in a nearby village called “Sharifabad.” Turkabad and Sharifabad became the most important centers of Zoroastrian gathering from this time. This sacred fire, which was lit during the Sassanid period by the order of the priest of the priest’s “Carter” and was located in a temple in the pool, was lit by the Zoroastrians through all these years. Took. This fire of Mars, which was continuously burning since the beginning of the Sassanid era, has remained in this safe place since then and continues to this day, as the “holiest Zoroastrian fire” in the “Zoroastrian Association of Yazd” and “Kerman Fire Temple”.

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