Amir chakhmaq mosque

Amir Chakhmaq Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Iran, which was built by order of an Iranian woman. This mosque is located in Amir Chakhmaq complex. Amir Chakhmaq Mosque is known as one of the most important mosques in Yazd city(all thing about Yazd) due to its beautiful architecture and exterior and interior design, and it has been named the New Grand Mosque of Yazd.

Who was Amir Chakhmaq?

According to the available history (Amir Jalaluddin Shami) known as Amir Chakhmaq was one of the commanders of Shahrokh Teymouri. He was elected by Shahrokh Teymouri as the ruler of Yazd.

The most important reason for Amir Chakhmaq’s fame is his admirable actions, which he took with his wife to develop Yazd. “Fatemeh Khatoon” or “Seti Fatemeh” was the wife of Amir Chakhmaq who played an important role in the construction of the historical complex of Amir Chakhmaq in Yazd.

Amir Chakhmaq Mosque is the first building that the couple built. The construction of this mosque started before Amir Chakhmaq came to power. The construction of this mosque and its decorations took 20 years. As it was said, this mosque is located in Amir Chakhmaq complex. This complex includes a large square where the mosque – Tekiyeh – Ab Anbar is located.

Amir Chakhmaq Mosque has two doors, one of which faces the square and the other opens into the surrounding alleys. There is an inscription in this mosque on which the year of the end of the construction of the mosque is written.

Architecture of Amir Chakhmaq Mosque

The building of this mosque has only one porch. But at first glance, it may be seen as a four-porch building. This mosque is built with a plate and a dome. The interesting point in the architecture of this building is that this mosque has no minaret.

Historians have two different views on the lack of a minaret in this mosque

Some historians believe that the first reason was that in the past they did not build minarets for mosques built by a woman. Other historians consider the second reason to be the difference between Shiite and Sunni mosques.

It is said that this mosque was built in order to create unity among Muslims without a minaret.

Mosque entrance doors

One of the doors of the mosque opens towards the square. There is an inscription on the entrance of this part. A corridor connects the entrance to the courtyard of the mosque. In this corridor, windows with delicate grids of mosaic tiles are installed. The high entrance of the mosque on the east side is one of the most beautiful parts of this building.

Numerous religious expressions are executed in Kufic script with blue and green tiles on a brick background.

Dome of Amir Chakhmaq Mosque

The dome of the mosque is one of the types of curved and cracked domes. The exterior of the dome is decorated with turquoise tiles. On the base of the dome is an inscription in Kufic script with green and blue tiles.

The nave of Amir Chakhmaq Mosque

Amir Chakhmaq Mosque in Yazd has a summer nave with a very beautiful altar. There is a windbreak on top of this altar. The altar of Amir Chakhmaq Mosque is one of the most beautiful altars of historical mosques in Iran. There is a beautiful marble in the center of this altar.

This altar has a very delicate and artistic work of Mogharnas, which is executed with mosaic tiles in azure, white and gold colors. There are arches on either side of the nave that connect to the back aisles.

On the high porch of the nave, there are Islamic motifs with green and brown tiles on a blue background. The winter naves of the mosque are located on both sides of the entrance corridor of the mosque. It seems that the reflection of light on marble is considered as the source of light in this part of the mosque.

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