Alive history in Aghazadeh Historical House of Abarkooh

Aghazadeh Historical House: Some houses are abandoned, but they are still alive, and if you listen to their walls, you can hear the sound of joy and mourning, laughter and tears, anger and fights, the words and sayings of its former inhabitants, and find out their secrets. Aghazadeh Historical House in Abarkooh is one of the beautiful and historical complexes in Abarkooh city in Yazd province. This house has the most beautiful two-floors windbreaks-Towers in Iran, and this is one of the reasons why this house is so important. In 1157 AH, “Haj Hossein Abarqavi”, one of the rich people of the city, ordered the construction of this beautiful building.

Architecture of Aghazadeh Historical House

Clay, mud and bricks were used in the construction of Aghazadeh Historical House, because the use of these materials in the construction of buildings reduced construction costs and also balanced the ambient temperature.

In Aghazadeh Historical House, wood was used to make doors and windows, and gypsum mortar was used in plastering, and the combination of all these elements has made the house more beautiful. This house has two floors.

On the northwest side of the house is the entrance, which ends in a courtyard through a corridor. The rooms and other parts of the house are built in three directions of the yard. Thus, in different seasons when the sunlight is different, due to the hot and cold weather and the amount of light, one of these parts of the house was used.

The front door of the house is located in the western part of this house and leads to a corner of the yard through a corridor. The south room is built in the style of a cruciform plan and also has a five-door room and cooling devices (khishkhan). The east and west rooms of the house are also in the form of three doors and five doors.

Windbreaks of Aghazadeh’s historical house in Abarkooh

Yazdi windbreaker are larger and taller than other windbreakers and usually their structure was considered four-way or eight-way. The windbreaks of Aghazadeh Historical House are built above the main hall and have two floors. This beautiful windbreak is 18 meters high, 18 square meters in area and has 19 air flow control valves.

Pergola mansion in Aghazade historical house

In Aghazadeh Historical House in Abarkooh, there is a small mansion with beautiful decorations called a pergola, which dates back to the Qajar period. The architectural style of this building is a combination of Iranian and European architecture of that time. The pergola of Aghazadeh Historical House is located on the roof of the main hall, right next to the windbreak, and also forms the roof of the five main doors.

The architectural structure of the pergola mansion is eight feathers. In each side there is a window with colored glass and it is designed in such a way that it transmits the lightest to the main hall.

Basement with handcrafted architecture

There is a 400-year-old underground house in this historic house that has been dug by hand.

Last words

The delay of the Aghazadeh Historical House goes back to the Qajar period. This historical complex is built in a large area of 820 square meters.

A place with authenticity that speaks from the heart of history. This house is one of the most famous houses in Yazd, which beautifully shows all the styles of authentic Iranian art and architecture related to hot and dry regions.

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